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This is a special book of large postcards all about butterflies. I have chosen eight common British butterflies to illustrate and have added a bit of information about each. Butterflies have been hit hard by the wetter summers and poor habitat management, three quarters of butterfly species are in decline, some verging on extinction. But we can help in our own gardens how ever big or small. Here are a few helpful tips -
Grow lots of nectar-rich flowers like Buddliea, lavender, Verbena, Marjoram amongst many others.
Choose different plants to attract a wider variety of species.
Prolong flowering by deadheading flowers and watering well.
Grow caterpillar foodplants for butterflies and moths.
Let an area of grass grow long.
Keep Dandelion and Bird’s-foot-trefoil -less weeding!
Leave Nettle patches-they are a very common caterpillar feeding plant.
Leave sheltered areas to protect from harsh weather
Make a log pile, where butterflies and moths can hibernate.
Don't use pesticides
Don't buy peat-based compost. Peat bogs are home to many species.

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